Monday, February 1, 2010

Missing E

Here are a couple of great pictures I received from Andrew S showing the subtleties of these round badges and highlighting the fact that a couple have been produced with a missing E. I'll let Andrew do the explaining in his own words!
"The top photograph has the white badge in the top left hand corner. Inthe top right hand corner is the same badge but with gold writing. Below isa smaller version with gold writing and next to it and you need to lookcarefully is the same badge however there is a E missing in the word CREWE.These were sent to the shop, however this is where I get confused as theywere returned and sold off to collectors all around the country. However itis a different size and colour writing to the main badge sold by the shop.
The bottom photo is pretty much the same however the red alternative/design.Again there is a Crewe badge with a missing E. The smallest badge in this lot is smaller than any of the white alternatives. "

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